5 Free Apps for Middle and High School Students

Posted by Jessica Conrad on 2/26/2016

5 FREE Apps for Middle/High School

For students with language/vocabulary and ELL students, this app goes through 3000 grade-appropriate words in short, fun games with intermediate reading material.screenshot of quest app
For students that need visual supports to build confidence and independence to complete tasks.  Made with adults and students in transition in mind, any activity can be broken down into visual steps with photos and optional text and audio.  Tasks can be scheduled such as laundry day, with visual steps, every Thursday, how to make coffee every morning.  Note: unlimited tasks are a freemium purchase of $14.99
A special education teacher favorite, students or teachers can make and share flashcards on the app or on a computer.  Students on the go can review with activities with optional images and audio.
This app allows students to track their own emotional, mental, and physical health.  The app creates a summary of trends, helping students, families, and medical staff understand and recognize triggers and problems.
For students beginning algebra skills, order of operations and other foundation skills, students earn points problem solving how to make the equation equal to the solution.