Awesome (and Free) Apps for Preschool

Posted by Jessica Conrad on 12/9/2015


1. Toca Kitchen Monsters, Toca Boca
Toca Boca apps are designed for students to explore and use language and learning in fun ways.  Toca Kitchen monsters has unlimited opportunities for requesting, commenting, and describing.  Preschoolers will love creating recipes and trying different foods and guessing what the monsters would like to eat.toca boca app, monster waiting by fridge
2. Bitsboard Preschool, Innovated Investments Limited
Bitsboard Preschool is for creating stacks of flashcards that automatically turn them into activities, like tracing, memory, matching, spelling, stories, puzzles and more.  You can use the educator library or create your own deck in a snap.  Data collection and rewards are embedded within the app.
Little Lego enthusiasts will love this animal adventure, finding animals and solving small puzzles, plenty of opportunity for vocabulary development, description, and fine motor skills.
A game made for teaching preschoolers the language and skills needed for problem solving, self control, planning, and task persistepicture from Sesame street app, monster thinking of what plan to choose nce.  This app can be personalized and includes parent instructions and ideas for teaching preschoolers alternatives to becoming frustrated.
5. Sesame Street and Autism, Sesame Street
Designed for parents and caregivers of preschoolers with autism, this app features videos and strategies including a story book, and 8 interactive family routine cards.