How to Locate Resources for Parents and Avoid Internet Search Frustration

Posted by Misty Crouch on 2/28/2020 7:00:00 AM

Teachers often struggle to find useful resources to share with parents because of the vast amount of information available on the internet. It can take a great amount of time to research for and find information specific to their students’ situations or the parents’ concerns.  

In December, Indiana University’s Indiana Institute on Disability and Community (IIDC) shared a useful  resource in their weekly newsletter. It was a website called Indiana Disability Resource FINDER (  This website allows users to filter information by the following categories: 1) Stages of Life (e.g., Early Childhood, School-Age, Transition/Young Adult, etc.); 2)  Topics of Interest (e.g., Family Support, Education, Advocacy, etc.); 3) Diagnosis (e.g., Behavior Concerns, Autism, Intellectual Disability, etc.); 4) Service Areas (county name); and 5) Listing Types (e.g., Advocate, Articles, School, Support Groups, etc.).  

I looked specifically at the preschool and young adult sections when exploring the website because of the populations of students and teachers I support.  However, if you search by just the county you are interested in, it lists all of the providers, links, articles, etc., and then you can use the other filters to narrow down the results to what could be beneficial to share with your students and parents.  

Here is a link to the introduction video that explains the website. Check this out if you are in need of some up-to-date resources for your case conference meetings or to quickly answer parents’ questions about how to find specific resources in your local community/county. 

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~Misty Crouch, Transition Coordinator