Google Forms Treasure Trove, Continued...

Posted by Tai Botkin on 11/1/2019 7:00:00 AM

The first month of school is securely under our belts, and many of you are rocking and rolling  in your well-oiled grooves. I know. I’ve seen you! Some teachers have already begun the preparation for the highly anticipated first class party of the school year.  I have seen this done many times and from the parent and teacher perspectives. As a well organized educator, you may have included a sign up sheet during the back to school night.  Kudos to you! Unfortunately, that sign up sheet has, undoubtedly, been long forgotten about by the well-intentioned parent who signed up to volunteer or bring items (guilty as charged).  Other teachers reading this are thinking, “Oh, I need to get started on that!”. This use for Google Forms can be super helpful if you happen to be included in that latter group. Quick, create a google form! 

  • Volunteer and Donation Sign Up

Include a place for a parent’s name and their child’s name.  Then, list items and volunteer time slots that you need. This also gives you control over what is provided for health or allergy concerns. If you’re worried that you will get 25 packets of pencil toppers and no pencils, I have a solution.  Utilize the Add-on, “Choice Eliminator”. This add-on will allow an item or time slot to be removed once it has been selected. You can also choose to limit an item to be selected a set amount of times before disappearing from the list. I do suggest that you list items in a drop down menu rather than multiple choice as it tends to work better. 

Aren’t you glad you just started planning? Happy class partying!

Tai Botkin, Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing