Flow Charts Drive Me Crazy!

Posted by Stephanie Lawless on 11/16/2018 7:00:00 AM

When I was in college our professor gave us a flow chart outlining how students learn how to read. We had memorize the process for an upcoming test. I remember trying everything I could think of to memorize that stupid chart. About five minutes before the test, as I was desperately trying to memorize where all of the circles and arrows went, my friend told me to just make it into a list. She grabbed the paper, jotted down a list of numbered steps.  By the time the professor prompted us to clear our desks for the test I had memorized the list and passed the test. That was when I understood the importance of adjusting your teaching style to match your audience.

Fast forward, after college when I got into administration, I found more often than not I was asked to produce a flow charts. Although I find them easy to make, a small part of me dies every time I have to draw an arrow to a box.  

When we worked on creating a flowchart for the new FBA/BIP process I kept looking at it and wondering how we could find a way for people like me (flow charts haters) to understand the simplicity of the new process.  Because, while there a more choices and more boxes, the new system is really quite simple. You just have two big questions to answer: 1) Is there a problem; and 2) what are we going to do about it?

It was not until School Psychologist extraordinaire, Lori Houston, told us she needed straight lines that we developed a new visual for helping people to understand the FBA/BIP process.  In this much simpler version, the user is asked two questions and then determines the best answer. You can find the Linear FBA/BIP Procedures, along with many other resources to help with the process at Earlywood.org: Employees:  FBA/BIP Processes and Forms. However, if you look at this new form and also think, “This does not help me one bit!” then I urge you to send me an email and let me know how you need to see it.  Chances are, if you need to visualize it another way, someone else does too. We all learn in our own special way!

And don’t forget, the next FBA/BIP training is coming up on February 7th, register here


Stephanie Lawless, Assistant Director