Practice with the ILEARN Accessibility Features

Posted by Angie Balsley on 1/25/2019 7:00:00 AM

Prepare your students to benefit from ILEARN’s accessibility features! ILEARN is Indiana’s new measure for student achievement and growth. There are many built-in accessibility features available to all students such as the use of glossaries, zoom tools, and highlighters. This graphic illustrates the tiered accessibility features.


Additionally, this
ILEARN Accessibility video explains the features in more detail.

As with all technology aides, students become more proficient at using the tools with practice. IDOE has established a released items repository to provide sample test items and allow students to experience the accessibility features prior to taking the assessment later this spring. I highly recommend that teachers plan time for students to practice with the ILEARN accessibility features prior to the test administration so that students are prepared to “show what they know.”


Dr. Angie Balsley, Executive Director