Working with Indiana VR- The Fact Sheet Series in English and Spanish

Posted by Michele Neumann on 11/1/2016

Working with Indiana VR—the Fact Sheet Series in English and Spanish

Have questions about VR referral or eligibility? Need to explain the VR process to a student or family member?  The Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center has a few fact sheets for you.

The Working with Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services series includes:

Need the student info sheet in Spanish?  We’ve got that too:

And don’t forget the Working with Indiana VR video! Find that on our home page, on YouTube, or click on the link here:  And, hot off the presses, we now have a new Spanish version of the video!: 

Quick tip:  If you’re looking for Spanish resources, go to the INSTRC Resource Search page and type “Spanish” into the search bar (don’t check any of the criteria boxes).  All the resources we currently have in Spanish should come up.