Commuter Connect

Posted by Nikki Rankin on 5/12/2017 7:00:00 AM

The Johnson County Transition Council  is composed  of representatives from the local school corporations, service providers,  parent, and community stakeholders. This group meets once a month and focuses on bringing better transition services to our school-aged children and parents within our area.  One of the programs we have recently considered is Commuter Connect. With the summer months coming and employment as a goal for our students, this might be a way (in conjunction with Access) that potential jobs can be identified outside of our immediate area.  The following highlights some of Commuter Connect’s key aspects.

This is a federally funded program intended to connect people to work within 50 miles of their home by organizing carpools, vanpools, commuting by bus, walking or even providing biking matches.  Commuter Connect is a FREE resource to help you make it happen.

If a person lives in Boone, Hendricks, Marion, Hamilton, Johnson, Morgan, Hancock, Madison or Shelby counties,  Commuter Connect can help. For more information: 317.327.7433 or Connecting people and places in central Indiana.