What are Adult Service Providers

Posted by Nikki Rankin on 4/14/2017 7:00:00 AM

Adult service providers are organizations that contract with Vocational Rehabilitation to offer a range of employment services for young adults or adults with disabilities. Students and families may find that some providers specialize in job placement and support, while other focus on independent living or socialization. Because service providers vary in a number of ways, it is important that families and job seekers are actively involved in deciding which provider and type of program is the best fit. Persons with disabilities and their families have more say in the services they receive than they may realize.

Here are types of services offered by employment service provider programs to assist young adults in finding jobs:

  • Development of a career plan to identify a job search direction and a job-finding process, created with input from the young adult and his/her family
  • Assessment of skills and interests
  • Arranging job try-outs and job shadowing experiences
  • Time-limited job skills training
  • Help with developing a resume
  • Job development assistance, including locating and talking to employers about jobs and the hiring process
  • Job coach assistance in the workplace, which focuses on learning job tasks, adjusting to job requirements and ensuring a stable, ongoing employment experience
  • Follow-up support to the worker and employer
  • Assistance in arranging accommodations that may be needed on the job
  • Travel-training assistance and/or help with arranging transportation
  • Information and guidance on the impact of earning an income on public benefits.