5/12/2017 Organizational Transition

Posted by Nikki Rankin on 5/12/2017 7:00:00 AM

For decades, our organization has been engaged in the change process. My contributions to the 2014-15 Earlywood Special Edition outlined the rich forty year history of our cooperative. Some changes, such as the transition of most teachers and instructional assistants  from co-op to local employees occurred gradually.  Over the past three years, however, we have experienced rapid changes as a result of the withdraw of our two largest districts.

In our March 17, 2017 edition, I introduced the new name of our organization, Earlywood Educational Services. Over the next few months, you will see our new identity come to life. The iconic circular black and gold logo which creatively depicted  “eec” as children will be replaced with this new image. We will also be changing our email address to “earlywood.org.”


Our work behind our  mission of “Supporting the I in IEP” is stronger than ever. This year we implemented our first Professional Development Catalog. The 2017-18 catalog is in development. More information will be coming about programming emphasis for next year. Our priority will continue to be on the service we provide to the students and teachers within our member districts. We will  accomplish this through a laser-like focus on research and evidence-based practice. I am extremely proud of our staff and grateful for their dedication to our students.  I’m excitedly looking forward to our new school year as we continue our legacy of leadership within the field.