4/14/17 Pruning Leads to Growth

Posted by Nikki Rankin on 4/14/2017 7:00:00 AM



Trees are pruned to develop a strong branching pattern. The pruning of fruit trees not only shapes the future growth of the tree, it also increases the quality of the fruits.  In general, a strong pruning fosters the growth more than a cautious one. Pruning is important so that the tree will not invest too much of its resources into branches which bear no fruits (Franke, 2003).

Pruning, the focusing and prioritizing of the work of the individuals on what they are best at and what is most needed for their individual growth processes, should be a regular habit for everyone. Pruning involves evaluating ongoing projects, habits, and commitments then cutting those areas which will not focus the available resources on the fruit-bearing branches. Pruning is a very difficult task. It takes courage to prune. This article provides some practical tips for you to use in your own personal pruning.

In the garden, pruning serves first the growth of the individual plant and only secondly the growth of the garden.