1/20/17 Climate Control

Posted by Nikki Rankin on 1/20/2017 7:15:00 AM

Winter Flower

Often it is easy to notice when plants have been affected by the climate. Nips from frost or the scorch from the sun on a hot day can have an immediate impact on greenery. 

The same can be true for your students. It can be easy to notice how the classroom climate affects some children. An unstructured day can elicit signs of anxiety, or a few helpful redirecting comments can set a student back on track and grow his or her confidence. For other children, it is not as easy to quickly assess the impact of your classroom climate on their learning.  

While we can’t control the weather for our plants, teachers have a great deal of control over the climate of the learning environments in their classrooms. The Committee for Children published three aspects of creating a positive classroom climate.

  1. Develop and reinforce classroom rules & norms that clearly support safe and respectful behavior.
  2. Promote positive peer relationships.
  3. Nurture positive relationships with all students.

To learn more about ways to accomplish these goals, read the full article and the Conscious Discipline website. To Cultivate Growth in your classroom, make sure that you promote an optimal climate!