• writing Writing
    Low Tech 


    Helps Students…

    Paper with bold or raised lines

    With fine motor or visual impairment to stay within the lines

    Graph Paper

    To more evenly space letters and words


    Pencil Grip

    With a larger and mores supported means of holding a pencil

    Soft rubber-like pad

    Keep papers from slipping off smooth or inclined surfaces

    Weighted Pencil

    Hold the pencil in a more stable manner



    Organize writing and emphasize specific parts of the writing process

    Mid Tech


    Helps Students…

    Digital Recorder

    Dictate information as an alternative to a hand-written assignment; take notes

    Portable keyboarding device

    Type instead of write


    Word prediction software

    Reduce keystrokes while typing (lessen the amount)

    Alternate keyboards

    Access the computer to write


    On screen keyboard

    Access the computer to write


    Hand-Held Speaking Dictionary

    Spell unknown words when writing


    High Tech


    Helps Students…

    Word Prediction Software with Auditory Feed back

    Reduce keystrokes while typing (lessen the amount), allows for inventive spelling

    Speech to Text

    Use speech to complete and edit written assignments


    Touch Screen

    Activate a computer screen using simple or multi-touch gestures.

    Eye Gaze Systems

    Write through calibrated eye movement