What do I do if I have concerns about my child’s development?

    Please refer to the Preschool Brochure for information about referrals and services.

    Who do I contact to have my child screened/evaluated?

    If you have concerns for your preschool age child (ages 3-5) call 317-346-8683. We will schedule a screening with our Preschool Intake Coordinator.

    During the screening, the intake coordinator will use formal screening tools, parent information, outside assessments, medical diagnosis and observation to determine if an evaluation is necessary and appropriate. Depending on the child’s needs, one of two methods of evaluation will be recommended; evaluation options include a full educational evaluation to investigate potential delays in a student’s cognitive, motor, adaptive, behavior, and language skills or a communication evaluation (speech and/or language assessment)

    If the decision is made that an evaluation is appropriate, parent consent to evaluate will be obtained. The school system then has 50 school days to complete the evaluation and hold the Case Conference to explain test results and determine if the student is eligible for special education services. The evaluation data will be used to determine if a child has a disability and requires special education services to support their learning.

    If your child is between 0 and 3 years old:

    A referral for evaluation can be made through Indiana’s early intervention system, First Steps.

    Johnson County Residents: 

    Contact Central Indiana First Steps at (317)257-2229 or toll free at (866)212-1434. More information may be available on their website.

    Shelby County Residents: 

    Contact South East Indiana First Steps at (812)314-2982 or toll free at (866)644-2454.  More information available on their website.

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