• Annually we review the personnel evaluation process with employees evaluated in SFS. Due to the nature of this school year, the state has granted some allowances in our evaluation process. In this four minute video we cover the changes outlined below and review how to navigate the SFS system for uploading artifacts. 

    For the 20/21 school year the approved changes to the evaluation process include:

    • Removing the requirement to have SLOs (CLOs, TLOs, PPOs) 

    • Amending the observation process  

      • Returning employees will only be required to have two short (15 minute) observations. Additional observations can be scheduled upon the employees request

      • New employees will be required to have two short (15 minute) and one long (45 minute) observation

      • ALL observations can be completed in person or virtually. Recorded observations will not be accepted. 

    • Final ratings will be based 100% on rubric completion 

    Please note, these changes have not been reflected in the EES Certified Personnel Evaluation Handbook as they are considered temporary measures due to COVID. 

    If you have specific questions please feel free to reach out to your direct supervisor for support. New hires, remember to utilize your mentor for support as well.