Businesses + Agencies + Schools = Employment (B.A.S.E). project plan

  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Goal 1: Increase employment of people with disabilities throughout the area with the direct support of Aspire Johnson County to connect local businesses with partner schools.

  • GOAL 2: Increase school/business vocational capacities leading to increases of gainful employment for people with disabilities.

  • GOAL 3: Increase relationships between schools and disability support agencies (VR, transportation providers, etc, local community contractors for services).

  • GOAL 4: Identify and obtain further funding for project efforts, primarily focused on sustainability beyond the current grant cycle.

  • GOAL 5: Create a process that can be duplicated in other communities that increases gainful job opportunities for youth with disabilities.

  • GOAL 6: Provide regular communication to stakeholders, community members and those who may be interested in joining this work through distinct PR strategies. This may include social media posts, press releases, newsletter articles, etc.

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