Mission Statement

  • Together we can develop knowledgeable, confident, and responsible citizens that function as independently as possible in vocational, community, and social areas by providing learning experiences relevant to their interest and capabilities.  



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    Individual Needs in Special Places to Increase Relevant Work Experiences

    The INSPIRE Program is a 1-2 year college campus AND/OR community-based program for students with disabilities between the ages of 18-22 who are working toward a Certificate of Completion in participating school districts.  Students who are accepted may begin participation in the INSPIRE Program beginning in the fall semester after they have completed at least four years of high school.  The INSPIRE Program is an application and interview process.  Completing the application does not guarantee acceptance into the INSPIRE Program.   

    The ultimate goal of INSPIRE is to prepare the student for gainful employment and meaningful post-school adjustments.

    78% of INSPIRE students that have graduated the program have become a contributing member in their community.  This includes, but not limited to, paid employment, regular volunteering, and/or another transition program.  (This data was collected from 2013-2016).