• Lend-Items 

    Lending Library User Tutorial 

    1.  If this is your first time accessing Lending Library please sign up here. You will receive an email in 1-2 school days with confirmation. 

    1. Once you have an account go to lend-items.com and log inHow To

    1. From your home page, you can see your currently borrowed items, or click the other buttons to search for items to borrow, see your borrowing history, or contact a library admin.                                     

    1. Search for items by keywords or by item type (make sure you select the right item time or “ALL”).  When you’ve found an item, click the “queue” or “reserve” button and confirm your reservation.  The system will tell you if your item is currently available, or if you have other people ahead of you in the queue.  You can view what you have queued for on your homepage, and you will receive an email for each item when you queue and when it is ready to be picked up.

    1. When you are done searching, come to EES and find a library administrator (Misty Crouch or Natasha Evans). They will assist you in finding your items.  If you find additional items you’d like to borrow, they can assist as well.

    1. Check out with a library administrator (Misty Crouch or Natasha Evans).  If you have any concerns about your item, note it with the library admin, so they can record it in the system.

    1. You will receive reminder email 5 days prior to your item being due.  You may drop off your item in the library drop off area or contact library @ earlywood.org to renew.  When you drop off your item, make sure you give it to a library administrator (Misty Crouch or Natasha Evans) so they can review your items.  If anything is damaged, please let them know ASAP.