There are many resources and strategies to support with the Case Conference Process. Here you will find procedures, suggestions and examples of best practice. Please feel free to reach out if you need more personalized support.


  • Article 7 specifies that public agencies must have in place written procedures to ensure the appropriate implementation of the CCC process. The following information is shared as the agreed upon procedures for special educators working with Earlywood Educational Services will follow.

  • Definition & Overview

  • Case Conference Committee (CCC) Members

  • Written Notice Prior to the Initial Case Conference Committee Meeting

  • When a Case Conference is Convened

  • Scheduling the Case Conference Meeting

  • The Case Conference Chairperson

  • The Student

  • Educational Surrogate Parents

  • Parent/Guardian

  • The Initial Case Conference

  • The Annual Review

  • Move In Case Conference

  • Case Conference to Dismiss a Student

  • Revocation of Services

  • The information above was compiled from Article 7Navigating the Course, Earlywood Procedural handbooks as well as the ROD Special Education Cooperative shared Procedures from 2021