• Dear INSPIRE Students, Parents & Guardians, 

    As we move into the winter season we wanted to remind you of the inclement weather procedures while in the Earlywood building. 


    INSPIRE staff will make individual phone calls and/or texts to students to relay inclement weather notification for the day.

    Home District vs Earlywood:

    If Earlywood is open, but your home school corporation is delayed or closed, we expect INSPIRE students to report to Earlywood, when it is safe to do so. You may choose to transport or wait for the Access bus--they will most likely be running late, due to the weather. If there are delays with Access, Alisha Webb will communicate those delays to you and/or your student. If Earlywood is closed, the INSPIRE program students will not report to the building, it will be an eLearning day.  This information will be communicated by individual phone call/text from INSPIRE staff.


    This year we will be utilizing eLearning on days school is canceled due to inclement weather to allow our students an opportunity to continue learning without interruptions.  Students may need to access Google Classroom to view student assignments, facilitate discussions, and submit work.  All students have been practicing with Google Classroom accounts to access materials and assignments. Google Classroom may be supplemented with the materials in the included packet. 

    We understand that not all students have access to a device and/or the internet during the day due to individual situations, such as loss of internet due to inclement weather, multiple students at home with a single computer, available support during the workday, no internet provider at home, etc.  Because of this, the same or similar assignments are shared in this packet. Please keep this packet at home to be used in the event of a closure. Students will have five school days to complete any assigned eLearning Day tasks and assignments and turn in the work.

    Connecting to Staff during eLearning: 

    Teachers are required to post the agenda for eLearning Days by 9:00 a.m. and will be available from 9:00 a.m. until 2:30. Teachers will be responsible for letting students know of their availability during the eLearning Day and the method by how they can be contacted (email, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).

    If you have additional questions please contact your classroom teacher or Stephanie Lawless at slawless@earlywood.org.

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