• Child Service Planning is a group of community assets who come together to offer support and resources for families in need. Staffed in Johnson County it is a way for our community members to come together and develop strong families. Through this process we are able to brainstorm to determine what is locally available to assist the family. This is not a traditional staffing, but rather a gathering of resources. 

    Steps to refer to Child Service Planning:

    Discuss Child Service Planning with the family. 

    Caregivers are encouraged to attend if the referral source feels it’s appropriate.  As the referral source, you will be responsible for discussing this with the family since they are most likely familiar with you.

    Please use this link for instructions and forms.

    Email Erica Garrity, Systems of Care Coordinator, egarrity@adultandchild.org.  The Release of Information Referrals are due by Friday at 2 pm if you are wanting them scheduled the following Wednesday.