• What is an Occupational Therapist and how do they help in my school?

    Posted by Melissa Tillar on 12/7/2018 7:00:00 AM

    Occupational Therapy helps students to access their educational environment and be as independent as possible in the student role.  OT is a related service according to Special Education Law. This means a student must receive Special Education services under an eligible category in order to receive Occupational Therapy services.  OT’s help students to improve their fine motor skills, visual motor skills, coordination of bilateral upper extremities, self-care skills, sensory processing skills, and attention skills. OT’s are also a great resource for teachers and staff to assist with increasing sensory input throughout the school day to increase attention and participation, increasing fine motor skills of your students, flexible seating, and implementing multisensory teaching approaches just to name a few things.   An OT is assigned to every school building within the Cooperative, and is available for help when needed.

    Melissa Tillar Melissa Tillar, MEd, OTR

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