• Earlywood Educational Services Professional Flex Day 

    What is a Professional Flex Day (PFD)?

    “Flex” refers to the work location and start/end time within a pre-approved contracted work day.

    What may the PFD’s be used for?

    The professional contracted time must be utilized for specified professional tasks (e.g. report writing, progress monitoring, IEP preparation/finalization, data reporting, curriculum planning)

    Who is eligible to participate?

    EES certified staff members

    How much time may be used as PFD?

    Employees may request up to four optional contracted days as Professional Flex Days (PFD). Requests must be pre-approved.

    When may PFD’s be used?

    • May be used as whole (7.5) or half (3.75) days.
    • Only one full or two half days will be approved per quarter
    • Schedule with least disruption to student services
    • Not permitted on Fridays
    • Not permitted the day before or after a vacation
    • Not permitted on snow cancellation days (because it’s not pre-approved)

    Where may I work on a PFD Day?

    • You choose the location where you are most productive. Potential options include: home, coffee shop, library, Earlywood, secluded location in your school.

    What is the PFD Request/Approval process?  

    Requests for PFD’s will be made utilizing PFD Request Form Note: This a google form that is submitted online.  

    Employees must receive confirmation of approval of the request before engaging in the PFD. Responses to PFD requests will be sent via email from your supervisor.

    Obtain pre-approval for a PFD at least one week prior to requested day. Exceptions may be considered by your supervisor.


    • For transparency, the employee will use the PFD Time Clock to “clock in and clock out.” 
    • Clocking in and out needs to demonstrate 7.5 on that calendar day.
    • When an employee clocks in and out, the form automatically time stamps the entry.  Complete this form each time you begin and end working on your PFD.
    • When you clock out, provide a summary of what you accomplished (section within the PFD Time Clock Form).
    • If an employee misuses PFD, administration will revoke that employee’s ability to use this option in the future.  
    • Prior to requesting the first PFD each year, an employee must complete the PFD Annual Agreement.

    Why did Earlywood decide to implement Professional Flex Days? 

    • As a feature of employment with Earlywood to aide in recruitment, job satisfaction, and retention of our fabulous colleagues
    • In recognition of the workload of our certified staff
    • As an extension of trust in our professionals

    Feedback from Earlywood employees: 

    • "I get so many things accomplished in this setting and I even have time to do things I otherwise wouldn't have time to do!"
    • "Super helpful to get paperwork out of the way before the end of the year!"
    • "Thanks for implementing flex days. I finished most of the documentation that's been piling up on my desk!"
    • "This flex day was great! I usually get distracted at school when I'm doing documentation. I generally only have small chunks of time carved out to work on it. I was finally able to finish my data entry for GoSolutions!"
    • "Really appreciate these flex days. Allows for ability to complete essential paperwork duties."
    • "This was a nice stress free way to get things done without interruptions."
    • "I love this flex day. I cannot believe how much I was able to get accomplished. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!"