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    Preschool teachers are a vital part of the educational process. They take children who have little to no school experience and open their eyes to all of the possibilities education can bring them. They teach them to love learning, which is the most important lesson. While it can be extremely rewarding it can also be challenging. We are inviting all member district special education preschool teachers to join us for a year of sharing successes and making the school year even stronger.


    Team Members:

    Misty Crouch-  Transition Coordinator 

    Misty has been with Earlywood since 2017 as the Transition and Non-Public Coordinator.  Her previous experience includes working as a Special Education teacher and Preschool & Transition Coordinator for over 10 years with MSD of Martinsville schools.  At Earlywood, she serves as the Preschool Assessment Team teacher, an administrator for INSPIRE program and Non-Public Schools, and is part the team of staff members that facilitate professional development opportunities for Earlywood's member districts.  Misty enjoys working with the various staff members and families that she comes in contact with as part of her variety of roles here at Earlywood.

    Julie Brummett- Preschool

    Julie has been with Special Services since 2000.  Her experience includes working as a developmental preschool teacher, as the community preschool coordinator, Transition/Intake Coordinator and Preschool Assessment Team teacher.  She enjoys working with the families and children, helping to make their first school experience as positive and easy as possible.  In the morning Julie is the preschool teacher at Eastside Elementary in Edinburgh.