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    Goal: Provide early intervention to students who need support to enhance their classroom readiness skills to be successful in the general education setting as the LRE. Provide effective training for adults working with students to help foster research based practice and individualized strategies.  

    Support Process & Procedures



    Team Members:
    Katie Justice- Behavior Therapist, BCBA 
    Stephanie Lawless- Assistant Director 


    Justification: “Creating the right conditions for early childhood development is likely to be more effective and less costly than addressing problems at a later age.”  -Dr. Navsaria, CASE

    • Applied Behavior Analysis therapy is the most effective treatment for children with autism and is the only therapy endorsed by the Surgeon General as an effective treatment for autism.  ABA therapy incorporates not only the child on the spectrum, but their teacher and their peers, creating an environment where everyone learns about the challenges of autism. -Kersey
    • Insurance typically will not pay for these services during school hours, and if they do it is for a short time. Having an ABA program in school that is not dependent on insurance could help these children cope with sensory difficulties in and overcome behaviors that the current special education programs are inadequately trained in.-Kersey
    • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 62 children are diagnosed with autism in the U.S. and the number continues to grow every year. -CDC
    • ISTAR KR- 18% socially emotionally ready, use ISTAR KR as an indicator to increase social emotional competence.  
    • Promising Domains for supporting behavior: Reduce emotional and behavioral barriers to learning. Enhance the healthy development of children by transforming the lives of their parents. Reconceptualize the health dimension of early childhood policy and practice. -Jack Shonkoff, MD