• Guidance on the New FBA/BIP Sections on IIEP.

    Simpler version of the FBA/BIP process 


    Need help with the FBA/BIP process?   Check out IEPRC's document Developing an Effective Behavior Intervention Plan.

    Since the FBA is a process, not a form, we have many tools to choose from.  Feel free to browse our collection of FBA/BIP resources collected from around our office and around the country to find the one that fits your team and student and student needs best. If your not sure what to go with, feel free to Email your local School Psychologist or Stephanie Lawless at slawless@earlywood.org

    Please let us know how it goes, did you find something you liked?  Do you have something better we should add?  We want to know! 

    If you need a letter to share with school staff regarding the changes to procedures we have one here!

    New and Existing data? What is what? This document will help you figure it out! 

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PENT- Direct Treatment Protocol

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