Answering Parents’ Benefit Questions
    Center on Community Living and Careers (CCLC) Project Coordinator Brianne Lott recently met with parents at several schools around the state to talk about transition and the admittedly complicated subject of benefits. Many parents of students in transition are facing a steep learning curve and have questions about Social Security and Medicaid Waivers and about how employment income could impact their child’s long-term supports. 

    Using some of the questions she received in her presentations, CCLC has developed “Working and Benefits,” a series of short videos featuring Ms. Lott answering some of the most commonly asked questions. The series includes:

    • Working and Benefits Introduction
    • Finishing High School/Ages 18-22
    • Starting to Work Part I (SSDI)
    • Starting to Work Part II (SSI)
    • Individual Development Accounts
    • Health Insurance
    • Saving Money
    • Rental Assistance
    Parents and teachers can watch the videos by going to the CCLC YouTube channel.

    Find fact sheets on benefits and work incentives on the CCLC website.