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  • The INSPIRE: Franklin College Program is a 1-2 year college campus AND/OR community-based program for students with disabilities between the ages of 18-22 who are working toward a certificate of completion in participating school districts. Accepted students may begin participation in the INSPIRE Program the fall semester after completing at least four years of high school. 

    Though INSPIRE: Franklin College provides varied forms of support to students, INSPIRE students are expected to have the capacity to be independent and unsupervised on campus and getting to and from campus. They are also expected to abide by campus/program rules.  Each semester, students may have the opportunity to participate in educational experiences (non-graded) and campus life activities. All students will be expected to participate in vocational experiences which will provide transferable job skills. Students may be offered community vocational opportunities.

    Prior to beginning INSPIRE: Franklin College; a Person Centered Plan (PCP) will be facilitated by the home school with the student, Teacher of Record, family and other people chosen by the student. The PCP becomes a guide for the student’s INSPIRE: Franklin College program.

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    The ultimate goal of INSPIRE is to prepare the students for gainful employment.
    Key concepts of our program:
    • Ongoing collaboration will occur with the student, family, high school team, as well as adult service providers and Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
    • Access Johnson County (Public Transportation) training is critical preparation for students, is encouraged, and will take place in partnership with high school personnel. 
    • Students should have a cell phone (and may be provided if one is not available) for use in communicating with INSPIRE staff during the program day.
    • Students must be committed to career preparation in many forms, including unpaid internships and community vocational experiences.  

    For additional information contact:

    Lisa Whitlow-Hill - lwhitlow-hill@earlywood.org 
    INSPIRE Transition Coordinator

    Stephanie Lawless - slawless@earlywood.org
    Assistant Director - EES