Referral for Special Education Services:

  • Any individual (ie: parent, teacher, principal) suspecting that a child has a disability that could possibly require special education services, should contact the building principal to discuss options.  The school may suggest:

    • providing additional support in the classroom prior to a referral to special education.
    • reviewing your child’s school performance with the school’s general education intervention team or building based support team. Response To Intervention and Special Education Referrals
    • investigating your child’s eligibility for a 504 plan.
    • referring your child for a special education evaluation.

    Every effort will be made to assist the child at the building level prior to the school initiating a referral.  If strategies fail, the school will seek permission for testing from the parent.  If, at any time before, during, or after one of more of the above options are implemented, the parent may request an evaluation to determine whether their child may be eligible for special education services. This request should be clearly communicated to the building principal.     

    Referral Preschool-Aged Child 

    If the child is preschool age (3-5 years of age) the request for testing should be directed to the Earlywood Educational Services Preschool Transition Coordinator at Earlywood Educational Services (317) 736-8495.