• Assistive Technology Pre-Referral and Referral Process Tutorial



    BEFORE conducting a formal evaluation, conduct pre-evaluation intervention(s) and use the WATI Assistive Technology Use Summary (the second form) to aide you in gathering data.  Many students who need AT do not need a formal evaluation, and the intervention process and consultation with an AT knowledgeable educator will help connect your students to the tools they need quickly.  If the intervention data concludes that more information about the student is needed and a referral for an evaluation needs to be placed, continue with process below:
    After pre-evaluation interventions, CCC reviews intervention data, determines if there is a referral need.
     1. Using the information from the WATI Referral/Question Identification Guide  CCC determines AT/AAC evaluation is needed, parent signature obtained, start 50 day timeline.  
    2. TOR fills out AT Team Assignment Sheet, serves as case manager, and schedules necessary meetings, and notifies Local Director. 
    3. CC team to fill out each relevant section of the WATI Student Information Guide
    4. Team Assessments are Assigned with dates
    5. Conduct Assessment
    SLP's see Companion Document for S&L Evaluation Report
    All other AT use WATI Student Information Guide as your checklist guide
    6. TOR synthesizes information with AT team to create report, Local Director reviews
    7. TOR sends copy of report to AT team for review, revise as needed
    8. Send finalized copy of report to CCC team
    9. CCC is reconvened within 50 instructional days, report is reviewed
    10. CCC determines if student needs an AT/AAC device and/or services to provide FAPE
    11. If AT/AAC is needed, begin trials
         The WATI Trial Use Guide can assist in recording information from trials.  You may use whatever data system you want, but these forms are to help the beginning and end of the trial wheel to help guide and summarize your interventions.
    AT Trial Wheel