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    Many Earlywood Member Districts have joined in with the state leaders in improving practice for all students thought the AEM Grant.  

    “Thanks to uPAR all of my students know how they read best-whether that's reading with their eyes or ears. For many of my struggling readers, uPAR gave them the boost of confidence they needed. They were able to actually see that they comprehended at a higher grade level when they listened to text read aloud. Snap&Read takes the distractions away and has made research so much easier in my 4th grade classroom. Rather than worrying about how to decode words on the screen, students spend more time researching and learning new information. My students, who already read at a higher level, love being able to click on new words and read articles on more challenging websites. We love having uPAR and  Snap&Read available to us!”  ~ Carolyn Duvall, 4th Grade, Creekside

    "uPAR and Snap&Read have helped every kiddo in my class excel! My students who need the most support in reading and comprehension use a tool to read entire websites and assignments to make sure they understand directions or content and to read answer choices so their Lexile level does not get in their way of expressing their understanding of a topic. My 5th-grade students who are reading at a high school reading level challenge themselves to research deeper into topics we cover in class and can use the define tool just to understand the meaning of and learn words they may have not come across yet. All of my kiddos in between can choose to remove distractions like ads from their screen so they can focus on analyzing what they are reading or listening to what is being read for them. uPAR helped me understand my students's strengths while Snap&Read supports my students' success in spite of what is challenging to them. These tools have helped every one of my students thrive and become more independent in their education." ~Brianna Kirkham, 5th grade, CBIS

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Benefits of the AEMing for Achievement Grant

  • Full Compliance

  • On-Going Collaboration

  • uPAR, Co:Writer and Snap&Read


  • Focused assistance

  • PATINS Specialist meetings

  • PATINS Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) and Acquiring AEM from the Appropriate Sources: Instructional Guide
  • ICAM Indiana Center for Accessible Materials

Simply Said: Understanding Accessibility in Digital Learning Materials