•  Three Tiered RtI Model for Behavior

    Continuum of supports for students with IEPs experiencing behavioral concerns: 
    At the onset of the first concern or suspension:

    · Follow Three Tiered RtI Model for Behavior and Social/Emotional Support

    · Tier 1 (85-90%): All Students- Culturally responsive environments, classroom strategies with accommodations planning

    § PBIS

    § 16 Proactive Classroom Management Strategies

    § Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum

    § Firmfair, kind, consistent teaching (Model, Safe and Civil Schools)

    · Positive relationships with all students

    · Physiology for learning instruction (diet, sleep, exercise, stress management)

    · Tier 2 (7-10%): At-Risk Students- Intensified classroom and small group interventions

    § Consider Requesting Program Support/BC intervention

    § Self-monitoring

    § Structured adult mentor programs, (Check in, Check out)

    § Daily home/school communication

    § Behavior contracts

    § Small group social skills or SEL training

    § Escape Card

    § Positive peer reporting

    · Tier 3 (3-5%): High-risk, Individual Interventions

    § Request Psych Support

    § FBA/BIP with replacement behavior training

    § WRAP around and other parent focused assistance

    § Inter-agency services

    § ALSUP lagging skills and strategy review