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  • Mission
    Supporting the "I" in IEP.                                                                                  

    Earlywood Educational Services
    shares the vision
    with the IDOE Office of Special Education that
    Equity + Access = Outcomes


    Guiding Principles

    To hold high expectations for students & ourselves

    • Demonstrate actions illuminating that children can and will achieve at high levels
    • Engage in professional discourse that challenges conventional thinking

    To engage in practices driven by evidence & to make decisions based on data

    • Cite evidence in communications and provide justification for decisions
    • Utilize data to make decisions about students, programs, and services

    To provide leadership through professional development & communications

    • Involve stakeholders in comprehensive professional development aligned to student needs
    • Facilitate Professional Learning Communities to guide practice
    • Deliver communications that share research and practical guidance

    To collaborate with and be responsive to the needs of our member districts

    • Understand the needs within the local schools
    • Create solutions through synergy
    • Build relationships with member district colleagues



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